Why Pinning is Winning


Are you using Pinterest as part of your Marketing plan? If not then my next question would be, why not..?
Yes, Pinterest helps people discover and do what they love and save ideas for weddings and baby showers and ALL THE STUFF…BUT it’s no longer just about the latest recipe or DIY project it is so SO SO much more!
Pinterest users are there to PLAN and ASPIRE and to DREAM…. BUT also to DO, TRY AND BUY!


Here’s some of the top reasons why you might want to think about implementing some kind of Pinterest activity into your weekly social media plans from now on and the Summer is a great time to start and to get ahead of the process before the term starts back in the fall / autumn!
So here goes, my top 5 reasons that you should be using Pinterest as a major part of your social marketing plan for the rest of 2019.

1) PINTEREST CONTENT IS EVERGREEN – it’ goes on and on being found because it’s success is created by keyword search and what people are searching for in its smart feed… those searches never change and so your pin goes on and on being found, sometimes years down the line! That’s basically like free marketing!! 🍍💪🏻
2) ALL CONTENT LINKS BACK TO A URL directing people to your website to either buy, sign up for your newsletter or follow your blog… the key here is in what happen when they do land on your website and in growing your email list but ultimately both = SALES!
3) FAR LESS ATTENTION SPENT ON ALGORITHMS – On Pinterest, far less time is spent on worrying about the dreaded ALGORITHM. The algorithm, the amount of engagement, the constant worry of how many hashtags to use, where to put them, what time to post and how often are all far less important actually and so that makes it a much less stressful place to be !


4) PROMOTED PINS on Pinterest are so much more straight forward than Facebook Ads and as of last week you can now easily access and create them direct from your phone for as little as £5.
When the advertisement is done, it doesn’t stop there, those pins which have gained huge reach and impressions during the ad campaign will keep on riding the wave of the advertising spend behind them and keep gaining momentum even when the ad has stopped! What’s not to love..?
5) FOLLOWER NUMBERS ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT – A Pinner’s main intent when they land on the site is to find what they went there to find, either to buy, to be inspired by or to plan AND they do that via the intuitive and well honed ‘smart search’ meaning that a Pinner is not loyal to people, brand or company only by what inspires & helps them and by what they are searching for at that moment. Read more on my blog post HERE


THOSE are just 5 of the reasons that I love Pinterest and Pinterest marketing so much.
If you want to have more revenue, let me show you how to concentrate on creating your marketing strategies around Pinterest, a no cost sales tool, which builds you a beautiful online presence and whose content is EVERGREEN.
For information on how I can help you and your Pinterest plans then drop me an email 📧 or to arrange a complimentary discovery call please follow the link HERE

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