Why are some hashtags banned..?


Probably the question I am most asked about in regard to hashtags is ‘why some are banned’? Some hashtags are banned and have been banned successively over the last few years. Some examples of these have been – #valentinesday and #easter. These are just two of the most surprising examples of this in 2018 which repeated in 2019. WHY ? The banning of hashtags which quite often totally contain innocent words like those occurs because;- Some people / accounts decide to include the particular hashtag on an inappropriate post, or one that is deemed by Instagram as ‘violating it’s terms’. Nudity, Pornography, images of War for example.When instagram detects the misuse of a hashtags either by it’s own tech systems or by this hashtag being reported then it’s only way of solving the problem is to take down every post associated to this same hashtag. If this hashtag is popular and is associated to many millions of photos this can take a long time to clean up and solve, to find the many offending posts


HOW ARE THEY FIXED ? When Instagram feels it has solved the problem it then releases back the hashtag and content appears again in the newsfeed. Sometimes this is weeks and months later. Until that point, use of the hashtag will result in a huge drop in reach of your post, meaning it is only being showcased to those that follow you and never outside of those parameters, ie the hashtag will stop working and therefore it can’t be discovered in the search feed, for top or recent posts. Hashtags help amplify your content, they are your best bet for discovery and the use of just one hashtags will increase your engagement by 12.6% BUT unless you are checking in on them regularly to check their status then them don’t rely on them toooooo much.
Your content should speak for itself and you should aim for it to speak directly to your followers first for as much engagement as possible.
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