What is your Plan B..?


It is an incredible platform that we all love but that we rely on far too much. Of course it drives you traffic but you don’t have access to it forever !
Instead, why not use it to drive traffic to your site and then collect email addresses which give you FAR MORE ownership!
The money is in the list, emails have high open rates, people keep them, they are warm leads and great for repeat business, selling products online, and for encouraging people to sign up for your newsletters or your blog etc!
IN THE SAME WAY…Pinterest works as a perfect Plan B or partner to growing your email list.
Use Pinterest to offer your customer a route to sign up for value based freebies, super useful lead magnets, great creative templates and informative blog content all via pop ups and landing pages.


Make them high value content pieces, answer the ‘how’ solve the problem, answer the WHAT and the WHY in your business niche and you will create a happy, authentic relationship with your customer and build on that KNOW LIKE AND TRUST factor which is SO important today’s marketing space.
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