What are Twitter Chats ?


f you are looking to broaden your reach and establish relationships on Twitter…my first strategy stop would be to utilise – TWITTER CHATS!
Twitter chats are a great way to gain exposure, grow your following and engage with your target audience… whether you’re participating in an existing chat or hosting your own, there’s plenty to gain from taking part and you shouldn’t be afraid to try them out! Think of them as your own little online party 🙂


Joining or hosting your own Twitter chats can significantly increase your reach and grow your following.
There are many industry or location specific tweet chats happening every day held at set hours usually once a week and these are are usually hosted by one twitter account.
During the chat the account or ‘host’ as their more often referred to as will encourage networking and interaction between participants by using a unique hashtag.
As an example, the twitter chat hashtag for ‘Gloucestershire hour’ is #GlosHour … whilst for those looking for one in the Bridal Industry might join in with #BrideHour on Thursdays 8-9pm and conducted by the account @BrideHour
One of the biggest challenges for businesses on Twitter is building an active following. If you don’t already have an established brand, getting those initial followers organically can seem impossible. It’s even more intimidating when you see your competitors with thousands of followers while you’re struggling to get your first 100.
Twitter chats give you a great opportunity to accelerate the process of growing your audience. Best of all, you’re in front of people that are on Twitter to engage, a very captive and hungry audience who are also there for the same reason and not just to spectate. The end result is followers that are more likely to Retweet, like and reply to your Tweets and in turn your follower reach increases as does your following.
As a host, you’re able to establish your brand as an authority in your industry and build a sense of community.
Look out for my future blog posts where I will be guiding you through the process of holding your own Twitter chat and getting you involved in others…
Meantime take a look at this list of Twitter chats in the UK at https://tillison.co.uk/blog/complete-twitter-chat-hours-directory/

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