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Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect image to express your message or share your news.
As well as taking may of my own photos and creating endless graphics using Canva, I also regularly use Pinterest and other forms of Social Media to source and curate my own social media content, either using photos I find on the platform directly OR by using photos or quotes and content ideas to inspire my own content creations!

In this case, I first saw this particular image on someone’s Instagram feed but I was almost certain that this wasn’t a picture which originated from their account and was far more likely to have originated from Pinterest. So, I decided to check it out in order to be able to credit the original owner of the image duly.
And this is how I did it..

  • I took a screen shot the image from the Instagram account
  • I headed over to Pinterest on my phone, and navigated my way to the search bar
  • I tapped the camera icon in the search bar and uploaded this image from my camera roll

Pinterest’s visual search tool PINTEREST LENS then displayed this very image to me via the ‘more like this section’ and displayed the image and versions of the image which already existed on the Pinterest platform.
I was then able to work out who the image belonged to and credit them as required when posting the image back to my own Instagram account to talk about the subject matter of Tips for curating images via Pinterest’


Remember – When downloading the picture directly from Pinterest try, where possible to credit the originator of the image but, as is often the case on the internet these days that CAN often be a challenge in itself.
So in those cases at least say 📸 via @pinterest – now, this particular image seems to have originated from the account of Ginny Rowe but I cant be absolutely sure!

The Pinterest platform has SO many great tools and tech capabilities as part of its enormous offering, alongside; driving huge amounts of web traffic, providing an evergreen content stream and all the other things I teach my private clients about on HOW to use this platform to provide an extra route to sales in their businesses.

BUT, when stripped right back, quite simply it’s also a place to dream and delve into for hours of inspiration and aesthetic enjoyment!!

Head there as your first port of call to find ideas, inspiration, perfect imagery for your social channels and your blog content and make sure to credit where needed.

PINTEREST has it all, It’s the most positive place to be on the internet and isn’t this picture JUST #pictureperfect for an unexpected heatwave !!

PS – of course – I then made the image into a Pin, below – so why not Pin this article and read it again later !

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