Using Gift Guides & Pinterest… 🎁


Dare I say it…. Christmas is approaching ….
If you’re a retailer, blogger or have a business which is seasonally focussed and leans towards this time of year then you might want to think about incorporating Gift guides into your content plan ….especially on Pinterest.
🎁Your customers are looking for help🎁Your customers are looking for inspiration 🎁Your customers are looking for GIFT GUIDES


🍍Firstly – Define your customer – create gift guides relevant to them whether that’s Mums, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, Godparents, Teens or Toddlers… gift guides will showcase your best products, making it easy for your customers to search for your products and making it easier for you to focus on each piece of content by honing down your keywords and making your content, products and business more easily found.


🍍Create an eye catching image on Canva or Photoshop to showcase your content, Canva is great for making any number of great graphics to market your business, just like the Pin I have created just below..

🍍When your gift guide is created upload it to Pinterest linking it back to the most relevant and useful URL on your website (the relevant gift guide blog post) or a specific landing page you could create solely for gift guides – that way you’ll keep your shopper happy by leading them directly to what they were searching for, what they need and by creating a direct and smooth route to sale for you too 💥🎁


🍍Don’t stop there. Now think ahead to Easter, Mother’s Day etc etc and get ahead for your Pinterest Marketing for 2020

🍍Everyone’s a winner 🙋🏼‍♀️

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