Use Pinterest to grow your Email List


If Instagram shuts down and social media starts to freak out, and we go into lockdown again (god forbid!) .. then do you have a Plan B about HOW to reach your audience ?
WHAT’S YOUR PLAN B, or C, or.. D…?⁣

One thing I have learnt over the last few years is that you really can’t rely on any Social Media platform entirely.
You don’t own them (Zuck owns most of them)
You don’t own your connections and you might be a bit stuck if you cant use it..
Are you growing yours ?
It would be a REALLY good idea if you started to because;
You OWN that list.
You can speak to you audience by using that list, whenever you like, I mean don’t spam people but you know what I mean.
The money is in that list, emails have high open rates, people keep them, they are warm leads and great for repeat business,
If you grow your email list you can speak to your people, build your brand, nurture your relationship with your customer AND ultimately you can sell your products or services to the people who know yo, trust you and like you!
Any guesses how you might do that…?
PINTEREST – the Number 1 reason that I use the platform is to GROW MY EMAIL LIST.
WHY ? Because EVERY Pin links back to a place on the internet, a URL, a Website.
If you create great content that resonates with your customer on Pinterest, drive traffic to your website and you’ll be using Pinterest to offer your customer a route to sign up for value based freebies, super useful lead magnets, great creative templates and informative blog content all via pop ups and landing pages on your website.
You’ll be growing your email list and taking control of your communications rather than Social Media taking control of you!

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