This week Facebook got funky!!


This week’s big news is that Facebook announced the redesign of 80 million of its business user’s pages! In order to make Business pages more valuable and to combat the increasing struggle to get noticed in the over populated news feed they have come up with a whole host of changes geared towards making your page and content more useful and more discoverable!


So what’s actually changed..?

  • Business pages will now emphasise options related to the business and will encourage followers to take an action like “make an appointment”. There’s a ‘call’ option in there for salons, and for making reservations at restaurants and the ability to list menus for restaurants etc etc…
  • The new pages will also feature recommendations that users can give friends through Facebook’s special News Feed post format, similar to the existing profile feature when people ask for suggestions, this will now appear on a business’ Page too. To improve the quality of reviews left on Pages, there’s now a 25 character minimum for each one.
  • Facebook’s also making it easier for businesses to sell tickets for Events directly on their Facebook Pages with new ticketing integrations and adding new event-specific ad options to make promotion easier.
  • Facebook’s expanding its Page job listings to all people and businesses across the world. Facebook first opened job listings to North American businesses last year, and expanded them to more regions back in March. The option will be available on all Pages, globally, “within the next few months”.
  • Facebook’s also expanding the visibility of Page Stories to boost usage among brands. Pages have had access to their own variation of Facebook Stories since late last year, but now, users will be able to view your Page story by tapping on your Page profile photo. Similar to that of Instagram stories, you’ll tap on the Avatar to watch the stories unfold… this will be easier for viewers to access and to watch from.

But one potentially controversial change is that Facebook will start showing a “Related Pages” on other Pages. If related Pages promotes competing businesses on our own pages, we could find people being drawn away from pages to the pages of those we are in competition with, which wouldn’t be so cool.
However, it will give people discovery of new businesses which is the aim of the game and it will offer more choice for the user but it may be quite a challenge for all page admins and small business owners…it will be interesting to watch this one roll out..if not a little bit worrying.. what do you think..?
Finally, Facebook is adding a ‘Local bookmark’ to the desktop site that opens the same nearby businesses and events guide it offers through its standalone Facebook Local app on mobile launched in 2016. 700 million people now connect with Facebook Events each month, so that medium has become an important bridge between businesses and customers.
So, all in all, quite a busy week at Facebook HQ!
Let me know how you are getting on with your new Facebook page and if it’s proving to be better or worse. Is your reach increasing and what about your engagement..? or are there no visible changes so far.. I would love to hear from you.

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