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Running a profitable business. Attracting new clients. Having a life. It’s a lot to manage

Running a profitable business. Attracting new clients. Having a life. It’s a lot to manage

So, stop the juggling act.

Marketing your business on Pinterest is easier than you think. And I can show you how.

I help you end the constant cycle of content creation and social media posting; once it’s set  up right, you can sit back and let Pinterest do all the hard work.

Think of the time you’ll save and the freedom it will give you!

The first step is to download my FREE eBook to find out why Pinterest is THE place you need to be. After all, all your ideal clients are already there, looking for answers to their problems, problems that YOU CAN SOLVE.

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are you ready to take back your life?

You are?
Great, let's do this

My 1-1 coaching will help you grow your business with Pinterest. That means more people coming to your website. More sign-ups for your email newsletter. More clients. And MORE MONEY.

More people are at home than ever before, they are on the internet and they are searching.
They are searching for things to learn, things to inspire them, things to implement into their business plans or homeschooling schedules, things to buy, things to keep the kids active and amused, things to entertain themselves, things to plan for and to give them hope to take them away from the harsh reality facing our ‘new world’.

I predicted that 2020 would be the year of Pinterest but these are not quite the circumstances under which I wanted to see my prediction come true, but it’s proving to be the case as over the last few weeks, the Pinterest platform has seen stats soar to unprecedented levels.
As a whole, search volume was up consistently 60% year on year jumping to a whopping 80% by the 3rd week in April – the biggest in the platforms 10 year history.
This relatively little known platform, often misunderstood outside of the United States where it was founded 10 years ago, in the same year as Instagram is now really coming into its own.
The creation of new boards, (the place where ‘Pinners’ save their ideas and search results) was up by an incredible 75% with stats indicating users engaging with their own boards rising to 70% and marking a new behavioural change on the platform.
Pins previously saved like’ recipe ideas’ are now being re reviewed by a Pinner and put into action in millions of homes around the world and they are heading back to their boards to find all of the useful, inspirational and helpful content they’d once saved there, either recently or in the past.
Stand out search trends over the last few weeks since lockdown have covered anything from discovering ‘ways to celebrate milestones in lockdown’, ‘quarantine gift ideas’ as well as ‘yeast free bread making recipes’ and many searches around home improvements, DIY and Gardening with top searches including ‘ideas for small gardens’ ‘outdoor spaces’ and ‘ small balcony decor ideas’


If any aspect of your business is online, can help a person in some way with ideas, inspiration and problem solving then now is the time to up or action your Pinterest game.
Make sure your content is on this amazing platform of discovery because NOW like never before is the time to harness its Power; to learn it, to try it out, to hone existing Pinterest activity and to create an invaluable route to sales, with huge amounts of web traffic which can keep on giving many months after posting.
This platform is so unlike the other social media platforms. It’s a search engine and right now, we are all doing a lot of searching.
Now is the time that we can be doing things we can’t usually find the time for; exploring email marketing, SEO, finding time for social media posting, taking new photos, learning news skills.
Here are my top tips on things you can be doing right now to get your Pinterest account and marketing up to speed AT HOME, it’s time to get those ducks in a line and you can start with this; ⠀

For help with all of these points, set up, tuition and management please contact me for a free ‘coffee chat’ or book in for a 1-2-1 online coaching power hour here
Georgina White, Social Media Coach & Pinterest Expert

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