Use Pinterest to grow your Email List


If Instagram shuts down and social media starts to freak out, and we go into lockdown again (god forbid!) .. then do you have a Plan B about HOW to reach your audience ?WHAT’S YOUR PLAN B, or C, or.. D…?⁣ One thing I have learnt over the last few years is that you really […]

all about new Pinterest Story Pins


WHAT ARE NEW STORY PINS ? Story Pins are multi-page Pins that enable you to can add images, videos, captions, and so much more. They’re a clean, fresh and simple way to create a different form of content for our audience, content which generates a little more immediate action and gives your audience a super […]

What kind of business is Pinterest for?


I am often asked, is Pinterest only for big brands and retailers or those people who make DIY crafts and want to share recipes ideas..?And the answer is always no. Of course, these people do do well using the Pinterest platform but Pinterest is for almost everyone.A staggering 97 % of searches carried out on […]