Stop! slow down your scroll!


How fast do you scroll through your instagram feed?
Do you more often than not, scroll, like a post and pass it by without stopping to read the caption….only to find later that the post was actually either quite; profound, sad or newsworthy and you rather missed the point of it…because you were in such a hurry ?
This happens ALL THE TIME on Instagram these days. We are all too busy, our feeds are all too full and we all follow too many accounts and so all too often we fail to actually stop, read, engage properly and do what the platform intended us to do – to view beautiful content whilst building online relationships.
SO….how do you stop someone from scrolling past your post and stopping to engage?
Here are my top tips for stopping the scroll …
1) Choose the most important words to place at the beginning of the post and write the first few words of your caption in CAPITAL LETTERS… this draws peoples attention to the subject of the post and makes them more likely to stop and read.
2) Include a call to action in your post – ask a question, direct someone to find out more, ask an opinion, ask for a recommendation…
3) BE REAL – BE YOU…don’t try and be or sound like someone you are not, just be yourself.
4) TELL YOUR STORY… give people the inside info, let them know about your journey, your ups and downs and your battles… within reason, you don’t have to share everything about your life but being human will develop trust in you and your brand, and they are the same thing basically!
5) Use your insights, get to know your audience and what they want to see. Which of your posts perform the best ? But simply, which create more conversation.. those are easy to identify, do more of those.
Maybe you could think of scrolling like box breathing… but instead of the exhale scroll, and hold…
Scroll for 4Hold for 4Scroll for 4 Hold for 4
Enjoy being on this platform, and avoid RSI in your wrist and wasting all of your daylight hours by constantly scrolling.
Happy ‘gramming
Georgie x

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