Social Media shelf life

You spent AGES on a post right..? You optimised it for every platform and then ..piff, paff,’s gone in a flash of smoke before you can say 'social media what..' ?!!!

Your content, however long you have spent honing, posting and perfecting it has a pretty short shelf life and after a certain amount of time and often not very long at all people will stop engaging with it... even if it was pretty darn great!

Speed wise, it’s actually around these times we are looking at;

21 hours - for an insta post

18 minutes - for a Tweet

5 hours - for a facebook post

24hrs - for a Linked In post

The Lifespan of a Social Media Post

But a Pin, well a Pin is a different story and that’s because Pinterest isn’t a Social Media platform, it’s a search engine, a super - intelligent search engine which if used correctly will provide you with content that has an EVERGREEN lifespan, and will circulate long after you have posted it!

PINTEREST is your lifetime provider of web traffic, it’s your golden nugget, your loyal, faithful traffic provider.. It will outperform EVERY OTHER PLATFORM .. Until the cows come home. FACT.

Months and years after it’s posted it will give you clicks, traffic and send people right where you need them, onto your website and hopefully from there onto your growing email list or into your store.. and ideally, both.

So, if you are going to create content, if you are going to spend hours formulating and perfecting an amazingly informative Blog post, with beautiful images and affiliate links to make you some £££ then make sure you are not relying on Facebook., Instagram and Twitter to make you rich… instead ... STAGE LEFT <<<<<<< PINTEREST <<<<<<< why not give Pinterest a bit of your attention.. ..the chances are it's right for your business

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