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Your account profiles isn’t quite as important on Pinterest as they on other platforms because a Pinner finds content based on SEARCH rather than following someone in order to consume all of their content, BUT it’s still good to have your ducks in a row and to represent your brand as much as you can – across all of your marketing platforms. 🦆
There’s two spaces to consider images on your Pinterest profile, the header image and the profile image itself…..


🍍HEADER IMAGE – can now be a single image, a short video of up to 5 minutes long OR, most often used a selection of Pins from one board to show a collage of images (this is what I currently use.) I choose to show images from a board which most effectively represents my brand and content, that’s my main board where all of my content lives at some point in its Pinterest life! As below…


🍍PROFILE IMAGE (as above) – Make them match your other profile images – use a profile photo, rather than a logo. If you’re open to using your picture, studies show that a personal photo is more effective than a logo. This is because ideally you want people to identify with your brand – whatever you choose, logo or photo try to use the same graphic across your accounts where you are able.
TIPS 💥 💥Keep them ‘on brand’ 💥Use a high quality image, not a dark or grainy phone pic. 💥Make sure it fits the circle properly when uploaded . 💥Use dimensions of 165×165 so that the picture fits properly in the circle space provided. If you would like more information about WHY Pinterest could be a great plan for your business head to download my FREE Ebook The Power of Pinterest.
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