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GREAT NEWS JUST IN – Pinterest has launched Pinterest Shop. The new dashboard curated by Pinterest showcases the profiles and products of small AND select businesses that make and sell products in an ‘Etsy-style’ fashion. This is GREAT news ahead of Christmas where small businesses are trying more than ever to compete with the big brands, in shops, online and across social media in the run up to the BIG day!
The new ‘Shop’ feature currently includes 17 different small business categories that make and sell unique goods and have uploaded their product catalogues to Pinterest already.
The products are then automatically turned into Product Pins. Pinterest said it will continue updating the Pinterest Shop with products from select businesses as it moves this feature forward.  

What’s in it for us ?

Social platforms are jumping on board to launch shopping experiences based on audience interests in unique products and curated collections. We can already shop via Facebook, and Instagram who launched a curated collection of products inspired by this year’s top trends on the app.
From personalised product recommendations to curated shopping hubs, platforms like the Pinterest Shop, Etsy, Instagram and Amazon are giving small businesses like YOURS more opportunity than ever to be found on their platforms. Pinterest is advancing in so many ways already, taking over on visual search technology and now shopping will become an even more important part of it’s varied and amazing offering.


How Pinterest currently works..
Pinterest’s native visual platform acts as a discovery engine for users to generate ideas, which translates seamlessly to users who view a pin and decide to make a purchase. With Pinterest Shop, users can browse a selection of curated products from small businesses within the same environment they’re already familiar with. For small businesses, the ability to showcase a profile and connect with audiences in a personal and familiar way could help drive sales in time for the holiday rush.
What they have been doing for shopping on the platform this year..

  • In August, Pinterest launched a personalised “shopping hub” to give retailers the opportunity to expand their reach on the platform outside of ad campaigns.
  • Pinterest said retail brands selling on the platform have seen 2x higher return on ad spend, and 1.3x higher return than from traditional search.
  • Small businesses interested in being featured in the Pinterest Shop can share their story to be considered:

Does this sound like something you need to be implementing into your marketing before Christmas to gain maximum exposure and sales ?
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