Pinterest interface changes in 2020


You may have noticed that the Pinterest platform has been making a few changes to its look this last few months.

Well, if you have logged on and wondering where and what everything is then don’t be concerned, you are not alone.

It’s had probably had the most radically different makeover in its 10-year history and it’s confusing even us Pros .


So if you are logged on and wondering where your boards are, what’s a saved Pin and what’s created, where your board categories have gone and what’s happening with account images then here is as a quick round-up of all of these changes so that you’d don’t have to search for yourself

1) The Header image

You are no longer able to choose from a ‘selection of Pins’ to appear as the display for your profile header image.
Now choose from either a single image of up to 10MB or a shortish video of up to 2GB or 5 minute in length!
This image looks quite different from the last interface. you may have noticed a change from ths


to this…


2) Boards are now known as ‘Saved’

Boards have a new ‘collective name’ of Saved.

They contain all of your individual boards showing everything you have uploaded yourself, manually or otherwise, so all of the content that you have proactively created and ‘Pinned’ of your own content and whatever that you have pinned into a board from someone else’s website or from in and around the Pinterest platform.

3) Pinned is now called ‘Create

This showcases the content that only you have produced and created and uploaded to the platform.


4) ‘All Pins’ is a board within the area named ‘Saved’

All of the Pins you have ever pinned are now shown in a board named ‘All Pins’ which is found where the rest of your boards are!

This is made up of Pins of yours and other peoples Pins but collectively in one area as opposed to showing you them in individual boards which you can view in ‘Saved’

5) There is now no ability to select a category within board settings.

Each board now has more simplified settings and has done away with asking you to categorise the type of content to be found within it.

However, within each board, a new feature called ‘dates’ shows a calendar and is designed to be used by your ‘end-user / customer’ (if they wanted to) to organise what they have saved and NOT for business accounts / Marketers Creators to use for business purposes.

if you’d like me to walk you through all of this then book in for a FREE discovery call and account audit.

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