Pinterest for your business & community

AS IT STANDS TODAY - the Pinterest platform is not a place of community or a place to build relationships or to have a chat.

Pinterest is a search engine - a place to learn, discover and be inspired.

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PINNER ON PINTEREST (I'm talking about the end-user here btw and we'll come to you as a marketer shortly)

1) THE 'SCROLLER' - the scroller is looking for inspiration, through boredom, or in a moment of downtime, to be inspired. (no wonder sign-ups have soared by around 60 million to a whopping 416 Million since March this year)

2) THE 'SEARCHER' - the searcher is heading to the platform with a problem in mind and searching with intent to solve that problem that they expect to solve here.

How do these two Pinners act differently?

THE SCROLLER - will stop in their tracks when they see great and useful content, they may look closer and land on your website or save your Pin for later.

THE SEARCHER - will find your content intentionally, be lead to your website to want to learn more to fix their problem or save your Pin for later.

Either way, unlike social media users who can 'happen upon' solutions by scrolling through their newsfeeds but who rarely act intentionally, Pinners are using the platform with INTENTION to find solutions and whether they're looking for;- healthy eating & fitness goals, lockdown activity ideas, house renovation inspiration, budgeting & money management tools, ways to gain confidence, how to deal with anxiety issues or learning how to grow and scale their business...

YOUR ideal client is on primed and ready, already warmed up to find the answers that YOUR unique service can provide!

For marketers therefore it's the perfect place to head to and use effectively to get your content, product or service discovered.

By dropping a Social Media mentality and adopting a Pinterest mentality and adding it to your marketing output, YOU can position your content to help be the saviour to your audience with your;- 1-1 coaching package, your latest podcast episode or direct them to your new online course or the latest shiny new website creation.


As a marketer, you need to speak directly to Pinner A & Pinner B and the easiest way to do this is to get into the mindset of those people, your audience.

Step out of your Marketing mindset and consider this;

What would you be looking for if you were them? Flip your mindset into being the person that you are trying to serve.

What questions do you think they’d be wanting the solution for your products to be the answer to..?

I bet you get loads of emails and loads of DM’s with people who have queries? They say in marketing that if you are asked something 3 times, make a piece of content to serve that question!

So take those exact questions, create content around that and build your Pinterest marketing strategy around your content.


Whilst Pinterest is not a place to have a community or to head to for a chat it can be used to grow your community indirectly!

By using the platform and positioning your helpful, value-based content there you can create huge amounts of web traffic for your site.

Driving Pinners over to your website will usually result in one of two things.

a) a direct product or service-based sale and or lead generation.

b) an opportunity to grow your email list by installing handy pop-ups and lead captures across your website within your blog content and on your home page, service or product pages.

When a Pinner has signed up for your email list and left your site you can further nurture a relationship via a weekly newsletter where you can invite them to be a part of your online community, whether that's your thriving Facebook Group or Private Online Membership and its THERE that they indirectly can become a part of your community via Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest exists to inspire, to teach, to solve peoples pain points and to get people to your site - to make sales and grow email lists. But, had you ever thought that it's a way that you can build your community... ??

Marketing your business on Pinterest is easier than you think And I can show you how

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