Pinterest changes this year


Oh hasn’t this year been an interesting one, well interesting is one word for it!

As well as being a hugely successful year for Pinterest, it’s also been a huge year of change for the platform whilst the world has grappled with a new normal and come to terms with living in an entirely different way.

Covid has changed the world, and everything we do, and all of us!

That’s not unnoticed on Pinterest – with searches for Christmas starting earlier than ever before on April 1st as people flocked to the site to sign up in the midst of lockdown boredom….

We can’t predict anything right now and so the historical seasonal Trends are playing less of a part in your Strategy than they normally would.

Right now it would usually time to be concentrating on Halloween and Thanksgiving on the Pinterest platform, and yes of course if that’s your niche then you must still be getting the content that serves your audience out there based on those subjects BUT as a whole, we are scrolling and searching on this platform quite differently in these crazy, chaotic times.

Think instead about:

  • Athleisure
  • Social Distancing entertaining
  • Graduation at home
  • Rookie Christmas hosting
  • Face Masks
  • Home school – in the States
  • Garden renovations and Small balcony & Patio planting ideas…


As well as Pinterest monthly users jumping from 250 – 420 million over lockdown lots of other things have been happening on the platform as well.
As Pinterest popularity soars, this week the platform reached No. 1 in the Lifestyle category on the iPhone and almost broke the internet for the most daily downloads ever on September 20.The firm estimates that Pinterest’s app generated around 800,000 installs across iOS and Android on a global basis, Wow!


Just before lockdown, in February 2020 – Pinterest announced in collaboration with Tailwind – the scheduler that they wanted to see lots of new and fresh content on the site, as opposed to regurgitated older content.
The reason – to give the ‘Pinner’ – that’s your audience and customer, the best possible experience.

To get away from ALL the Spam!

The definition of what constitutes a Fresh pin has changed somewhat over the last few months but basically…a duplicate Pin would be
“a Pin image you’ve pinned before with the same URL to the same place”

What this means for creators like us ….?

If you want to Pin to link to your content whether that’s a product listing or a blog post you can post it once to a board and then to a maximum of 10 boards in total but you mustn’t Pin it again to the same board within a time span of around 6 months to a year. So you shouldn’t be seeing the same Pin with the same Url, Pinned to the same board more than once in that time span!

It’s complicated, so you can always dig deeper with me on this subject as well as all Pinterest subjects in a free discovery call or training session
In a nutshell, Pinterest wants to see more FRESH Pins, & more FRESH content in general – so get creating!

So – takeaways here are;

  • The first time you Pin it, it’s really fresh
  • Pin it to the most relevant board first
  • Then interval Pin it via Tailwind


Pinterest says they don’t want more than 50 Pins a day. 50 seems an awful lot to me so a sweet spot could be 15 Pins a day, up to 30 though is ok, depends on how much content you have to work with! I have seen great success only pinning 5 times a day, and it’s a perfectly acceptable number.


In July 2020 Pinterest updated its Algorithm to include a move towards favouring other types of content to include Video Pins and content that comes from a more culturally diverse group of Creators.


Historically content has been fed to a Pinner via the smart feed (newsfeed) showing them content based on what they have been searching for, what they have pinned to their boards and what they have clicked on sending them to a Creator’s website to find out more. This algorithm has been based on activity, unique to each user. No one home feed would be the same as we are all using the platform and searching for different things each day.


⁣⁣Pinterest is now pushing out alternative content into Pinners feeds in what they have called a ‘controlled distribution’ of content. ⁣
So now, you’ll see a small percentage of alternative content fed to you in the newsfeed when you log on AND if you like it and resonate and engage with it, whether that’s Video content or otherwise Pinterest is going to give you a bit more of that and a bit more and so on and so on.

This new type of content is comprised of;

  • Video
  • Content from more diverse creators

So now, as well as finding content via your smart feed in a proactive search capacity, Video Pins can now really stand out from the crowd. ⁣⁣In fact, across all of Social Media, anything ‘Video’ makes for a good strategy for capturing the attention of your potential customers, growing web traffic and ultimately making Sales.


In 2020 video vies on the platform has increased by 3x over the previous year, up 240%

Why use Video Pins? – they capture Pinner’s attention, they’re being favoured in the algorithm, every on social media is moving towards video.
So far DIY, Food and Fitness ate the best performing Video content.

How to use – here’s an overview of a more detailed blog post that you can find here

  • Size – up to 2GB
  • Length – 30 – 40 SECONDS, MIN 15 – long enough to tell a story
  • Audio – No need
  • Content – how-to tutorials, tell a story how does your product serve, show a recipe or makeup tutorial
  • Design – 1:1, 9:16 or 2:3- the jury is out vertical performs well
  • Animations versus real Video
  • Text on Video Pins – remember your keywords and CTA’s
  • Style – quick cuts and no talking heads, camera pointed down


Because of Pinterest’s new algorithm rules and the Fresh Pins strategy that we mentioned at the beginning, Pinterest wants us to save anyone Pin to a maximum of 10 boards – so in effect, we don’t really need a great deal more than this.
If you are making a start on the platform, focus on quality, not quantity.
Creating 5 – 10 boards that are really RELEVANT to your own content and business is a far better idea that creating tens of boards which contain just ‘inspiration’ and are too diluted to reach out to your audience.



I was surprised to hear this last week but it comes from the top – but it appears that the algorithm favours Pins where the branding is positioned on the top half of the Pin!

Position your logo, watermark or brand identity on the top, I favour centred. If it has to go on the bottom, it can but it won’t do AS WELL.


Using arrows on your Pin design actually drives clicks! A clever trick and a simple call to action easily added in Canva.
Join the chat about this here..


To really understand the difference in the new version of story Pins let’s first take a look at the importance of FOLLOWERS.

Historically on Pinterest – followers have been of little relative importance, as Pinners find content via the search bar and head to the platform with intention, rather than to consume someone’s content every day.

They don’t want to build a relationship, chat or make friends, they just want the answer to their problem and they go to Pinterest to find it.

That said – the algorithm DOES feed the content to your followers and that determines where in the news feed your content will be shown to a wider audience.

However .. NOW IN 2020.

The new version sends Pinners to the profile instead of a URL! This, therefore, doesn’t directly drive traffic, instead, this drives someone to follow or interact with a person’s account, suggesting a more hybrid version of the platform is Pinterest’s overall intention.

Story Pins also feature reactions, another indicator of social interaction Story Pins are now officially in BETA as of the 24th September
SO this says to us that FOLLOWERS BECOMING MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEY WERE! Find out how to maximise this during with my Pinterest support package.

MORE RECENT INTERFACE CHANGEStake a look at mine here

  • No longer able to choose from boards in profile header image – single image or video
  • Boards are now called ‘Saved’
  • Pins are now called ‘Created’
  • All PIns shows Pinned and Created
  • No category available in board settings
  • Sections available with dates in boards – but these are just for Pinners, the end-user, not Creators.


With new features such as The Verified Merchant programme, Catalogues ad the latest Shopify integration Pinterest is the place to shop. Fund out all about the updates and tips over on this post ..

To sum up, it’s been an epic year of change at Pinterest and this looks set to continue with daily changes and growth.

It’s important to remember that there’s no one size fits all, Pinterest is ever-evolving and growing and what you do won’t necessarily give the next person the same success.

To explore in more detail how my Pinterest support package can help YOU save more time and make more sales in your business – get in touch, or book a FREE call



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