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Where to start!? 🧐 If you’re just starting out in Pinterest don’t be worried into thinking you have to have loads of boards to be successful, you don’t ! It’s actually a better tactic to start small 💫


Here’s some quick and actionable tips to get you started OR for you to action around spring cleaning your boards if you already have them in place! 🍍Begin with creating around 10 boards, keep it focussed 🍍Start by creating boards which cover popular topics that relate to your business and brand. 🍍Think about the categories on your website or your services or products. 🍍Name them wisely using keywords (more on those another day) 🍍Make sure you select the broad category in the board settings to allow Pinterest to allocate your pins to Pinners in their newsfeeds. If you need help – book in for a FREE discovery call and we can discuss what help might be suitable🍍💫
More to follow soon on Pinterest boards and tactics to help you with your Pinterest marketing in 2020.

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