Is Pinterest right for me and my business?


Pinterest is the most powerful sales tool in all of social media and is currently the third most popular social media site except that it’s really THE number one visual search engine as opposed to a social media site.

But more than that, is the fact that it is said to be the second largest driver of web traffic after Facebook.

So, YES… the chances are it is right for your business.

Pinterest helps people discover and do what they love and save ideas but it’s no longer about the latest recipe or DIY project it is so SO much more!

On Pinterest, every idea is represented by a ‘pin’ that includes and image, a description and a clickable link back to the image’s source online and because a Pin links back to the site it came from, you can instantly learn more, like how to make it, or where to buy it. That could be ideas for a renovation project or living room décor inspiration… or it could be a link to finding the perfect pair of shoes, or a Summer wedding outfit.


It’s content is also EVERGREEN, by which we mean a Pin can be pinned and re pinned over and over and over again. Compare this to the lifespan of a tweet which is less than 18 minutes and to a Facebook post less than a few hours, so it’s basically like free marketing!

In a nutshell, if your business falls into any of these categories then it could quite possibly be that you are missing a BIG trick in your social media marketing.

  • Stylists
  • Wedding Industry 
  • Interior Designers 
  • Florists
  • Artists
  • Retailers
  • Designers
  • Etsy / NOTHS sellers 

Pinterest’s users – are there to buy from YOU. On a platform which drives 44% of all online sales and which generates over 400% more revenue than Twitter and more than double than Facebook!


Sooooo… if you want to have more revenue, you should concentrate on creating your marketing strategies to Pinterest, a no cost sales tool, which builds you a beautiful online presence and whose content is EVERGREEN.

AND BEST OF ALL… It can be managed via your phone in around 10 minutes a day, at the school gate, waiting for a bus, in the queue at the supermarket..

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