Instagram Name tags & how to use them…


So you probably noticed that today’s big Instagram news was #InstagramNameTags. Much like Pincodes (if you’re a Pinterest User) but on Instagram!


But what are they exactly and how can I use them..? Here’s a few ways, I will keep you updated with any new ones as I go along ..
For retail businesses or businesses with premises where the pubic roam 😉 I’m thinking restaurants and cafés etc.. may like to adopt the following ideas..


1) Print your code and display them at;
Tillpoints Around your premisesDisplay on shelves near to stock itemsPin to pin boards or blackboards
This is a visual prompt which may entice people to look you up on Instagram where they probably wouldn’t have thought to before. Easy for them and easy for you.
2) Consider printing your Instagram code onto your packaging … bags, wrapping, stickers, compliment slips etc..
3) Include on any Marketing materials
For online businesses or those doing mail order, why not print your pin code onto a cute message card and send it out with all of your orders. Chances are they found you online anyway and already follow you but if you included on it a discount for a friend then perhaps they’d pass it on to that friend who doesn’t follow you …yet!
4) If you attend Pop Up sales, again, print it and set it up around your stall / on the inside of your tent!
5) Save the code as a Screensaver or Wallpaper on your phone so that it’s always quickly accessible to people should they ask what your Instagram name is.. 6) Save the Code to your Camera roll so that it’s easily accessible and can be used on marketing materials created on your Mobile apps.
7) Create stand – alone Social Media posts going out across your Social Media platforms showing your code .. make sure you remember to resize your posts according to the correct platform image size.
8) Add your code to your website, desktop users will be able to scan your code with their phone whilst working on a desktop device.
9) Service providers can adopt some of the above but why not print your instagram code onto your next batch of business cards.. and hand them out at the next networking event.
10) Or, include the pin code in your next Marketing email…?
Just some ideas to get you going, let me know if you think of any more ways to utilise your instagram code..


Good luck and enjoy yet another new AMAZING Instagram feature!
Georgie , Pineapple White Media x

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