How to rock Pinterest Stories


I began the week by telling you about how EXCITED I was at the release of an amazing addition to my favourite platform – Pinterest stories AND I promised you some info about how to use them so….here you are!
The idea behind Pinterest stories, like most of Pinterest actually is to INSPIRE but to also go a little further, to inspire action!
To create a really great Pinterest story there are a few key factors to put together and I am going to tell you what they are right here.

Firstly, why not have a think about what kind of subject matter you might choose for yours..?
To help you here – think about WHAT your followers / customer / target market might be interested in… and what you might like to show them / inspire them with / teach them …it’s always all about adding value wherever you are and also thinking about how you can HELP your audience.
According to Pinterest themselves.. successful story pins are those that inspire people to try something new.
Aesthetically, pick visuals that pop and as always on all of your social media output but particularly with Pinterest, choose high-quality images and videos that are related to your topic. Make sure they are portrait size – using vertical only images with a 900 x 1600 pixel size.


For captions – create cool and to the point text, making sure that it is clear and relevant.
Don’t forget those ever important keywords (if you need more help on those and general Pinterest understanding then book in a Power hour Zoom call asap!) These are super important to help people find your Story Pin.
Make sure you add relevant titles and use titles and descriptions to help people understand what your photos or videos are about.
Pinterest stories can be between 2 and 20 pages long, but most great Story Pins have at least 5 pages.


Last but not least… don’t skip or skimp on the details and include those ever important CTA’S (that’s a Call to Action …FYI) …
For great CTA’s think about;

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See you soon and thanks for reading !

Georgie x

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