How to find and use Keywords on Pinterest

TRUTH BOMB – 97 % of all searches carried out on the Pinterest platform are – UNBRANDED !
Pinterest is a search and discovery tool, a visual platform to discover more of what you love.
We head to Pinterest to be inspired, to find what’s out there and to develop ideas, plan ahead and find the answers to our problems whether they be big or small!
On Pinterest when someone wants to be inspired in the purchase of a product they don’t search for a brand name they search like this;
– White Trainers versus Nike Trainers 👟 – Wax jacket versus Barbour Jacket 🧥 – Handbags versus Louis Vuitton Handbags 👜
Why is that important? Because it means that YOUR product / service / business has as much chance as ANY other of being found on Pinterest. You can compete with ANYONE as long as your images are on point and your Pins are optimised with Keywords.
‘Keywording’ is a process of adding specific words from your niche allowing Pinterest users to find the content they are searching for.
So, in short, keywords organise content and help the algorithm determine what your content is and who it should be displayed to by searching related content and serving it to the Pinner to give them the best possible user experience. Pinterest’s main aim is always to serve the Pinner!
Keywords are effectively the ‘SEO of Pinterest’ and are SO SO important to enable Marketers like you to enable your Pins to be found by using the super smart search function and newsfeed based on Keyword search.
As Pinterest best practise stands right now, the correct use of Keywords is essential for success on its platform.


But, how do you find your Keywords ?

1) Take time to research your keywords, just as you would for your instagram hashtags. Get into the mindset of your audience and think about .. 💫 What your customer wants 💫 What your customer is searching for 💫 What do they want to buy or find 💫 What do they need to solve the problems that your product or service offers .. ?
What would YOU search for if YOU were your customer..?
Think about;
What’s trending right now ? OR Is your content seasonal – ie does it involve; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and so on…
2) Use the search bar in Pinterest itself to help you..Think about your niche, your products, your website categories. Type in those words into the search bar and see what matches Pinterest comes up with in the drop down menu – these terms are suggestive of great keywords for your initial word and search.
If you go a bit deeper, take note of the guided search terms that Pinterest provides below in the coloured boxes, this is another top indicator of what keywords associated to your original word search might be great Keywords for your business and content topic.
What words pop up regularly in these results. Jot them down and start compiling a list!
3) Use the NEW Pinterest Trends tool – previously only available in he US the UK now has access to this amazing tool to help you find your keywords.
4) Look at your Google analytics and see which Pins are driving you the most traffic, what words did you use here and what subjects were covered in this content.. do more of those!


SO, now you have lovingly searched for and collated your Keywords, where should you put them?
•Pin descriptions•Pin title•Text on image (text overlay)•Board titles•Board descriptions•The content they link back to – ie your blog post or product or service description.
All of these places signal to Pinterest what content is there and what it relates to so that it is brought up in relevant searches and suggestions. For help and guidance on how to find keywords for your Pinterest activity or for any other questions please book a FREE Discovery call 💫 AND don’t forget to GRAB your FREE Ebook The Power of Pinterest to find out if Pinterest is for you and your business and WHY Pinterest is such a GREAT decision to implement into your Marketing strategy this year.
best wishes
Georgie x

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