How to create Video Pins to drive web traffic


In 2020, video views on the Pinterest platform have already increased more than 3 x over the previous year and organic Video views are up by 240% !!
It’s no surprise then that Pinterest recently announced a small change to its algorithm In favour of the Video.

The recent Pinterest algorithm change includes a move towards favouring other types of content to include Video Pins and content that comes from a more culturally diverse group of Creators.


Historically content has been fed to a Pinner via the smart feed (newsfeed) showing them content based on what they have been searching for, what they have pinned to their boards and what they have clicked on sending them to a Creator’s website to find out more.

But now, Pinterest is pushing out alternative content into Pinners feeds in what they have called a ‘controlled distribution’ of content. So now, you’ll see a small percentage of alternative content being fed to you whether you’ve asked for it or not and if you like it and resonate with it Pinterest is going to give you a bit more and a bit more and so on and so on…

As well as finding content via your smart feed in a proactive search capacity, Video Pins can now help your account to really stand out from the crowd in amongst a competitive space of growing Pins.
In fact, across all of Social Media anything ‘Video’ makes for a good strategy for capturing the attention of your potential customers, growing web traffic and ultimately making Sale.


Apart from the algorithm working in favour of video content, Video Pins are also an amazing way to showcase your products or services in a more detailed and engaging way, ‘Pinners’ LOVE Video which has the ability to draw in an audience and provide the details in a way that a static image doesn’t.
‘Pinners’ are 2.6 x more likely to make a purchase after viewing video content from brands on Pinterest.



Pinterest is an aesthetically pleasing place to be.

To capture a ‘Pinners’ attention in a broad newsfeed and in amongst a mass of content, it’s important to create Video Pins that are helpful, relevant, visually appealing and creative.

‘Pinners’ want and expect to see CREATIVITY so play with all of the tools available to you that creating graphics on amazing platforms like Canva allows.

Draw in the Pinner with movement, colour pops and depth. Tell a story, go behind the Scenes, add value and try to be as helpful as you can, providing the Pinner with the answers to their search query.




  • There are multiple Video Pin sizes doing well on Pinterest right now.
  • You can use a Square Instagram size Video
  • There’s also a longer Video Pin size available, 9:16th. Some research suggests that this size is showing signs of success for products Pins BUT it’s all very early days and probably too early to tell which is the absolute best.
  • Thirdly, the standard Pin 2:3 size is doing well and we know that Pinterest favours Vertical content on the whole.


LENGTH – 30- 40 secs, minimum 15 secs – make it long enough to tell a story

ADD TEXT ON VIDEO – in true Pinterest style adding text on a Video Pin will provide a teaser and add context to your video content. Adding a few useful, helpful and value added words will prompt your audience to take action on your Pin, resulting in more saves, clicks and more web traffic.

As with all Pinterest content, the use of keywords is especially important for SEO purposes.

BRANDING & STYLE – to stay brand aligned and provide recognition for your audience, think carefully about which colours and fonts are easily legible and appeal to your audience.
Stay away from difficult to read Script fonts as remember that around 80% of Pinners will be viewing on mobile so, make your text easy to read and recognisable to cement your brand positioning.

OTHER FEATURES – You can add up to 20 ‘tags’ per video ( not hashtags) which gives you additional chances of being found in search and discovery.

AUDIO – there’s no need to use Audio.

We are often multi tasking when we scroll through Pinterest and the last thing we all need is video audio jumping out of our phones when we happen to land on one. Again, it’s early days but early signs suggest Audio is not helpful on this type of content on this platform.

CONTENT IDEAS – Try thinking about HOW you can help your audience.

Could you show them;

  • How to wrap the perfect Christmas gift
  • 3 ways to style their winter wardrobe
  • Top tips for Instagram success
  • 5 ways to tie a scarf
  • 5 minute make up ideas for the Christmas party
  • How to cook a Gluten free / Vegan Christmas Dinner
  • How to choose Paint colours for your room renovation

Showcase your product or service in so many ways using Video, but probably best to avoid talking straight to camera or what we call ‘ talking heads’. People aren’t on Pinterest for interviews and anyway, as mentioned in the previous point – the audio won’t be on 🙂 !


Canva is promoting animated pins as video pins BUT they only pop or bounce, not the true intention of Video on Pinterest.
Instead why not use some of the Video templates provided but upload your own moving video / masterclass / how to video into the template to make a ‘proper’ piece of video content.

If you are short on time, try out the animated version and see how they convert. A real video which actually ‘reaches out’ to your audience is going to result in better clicks and saves.

What do you think of video Pins? Have you tried them out yet? Let me know and to find out more about WHY Pinterest marketing is a smart move for your business …


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