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Instagram my old friend. You have changed A LOT over the last year or so .. (26 times in 6months in fact at one stage) & along with a distinct shift from mass marketing to relationship marketing, you’ve had to keep up.
We know with you it’s no longer enough to just post…instead as users we should focus on creating a community of engaged followers and building on relationships.
We now need to work a bit harder on Instagram to grow a successful account… BUT here are some of the ways you can do that; 1) Don’t worry about the vanity metrics but if you must then pay attention to the number of and types of comments on your posts and not the number of likes. 2) Instead of worrying about what time you post thing about WHAT you are posting and what conversations it could encourage. 3) As a business, make sure your content is as relevant to your business as possible, Its fine to so parts of your life and personal insight into your life but save most of that for your stories feed. 4) Be consistent in your posting, don’t worry about posting every day but make sure how often you post land what you are posting is consistent. 5) Instagram has so many features for you to use; STORIES, IGTV, LIVE STORIES, GRIDS, SHOPPING AND DM CHATS so.. make sure you are using them all – and as a business if you are not then your competition certainly is and you’ll be left behind…


The algorithm; this is how it works…
Instagram looks at all of the posts served up on its platform as well as account activity and says to itself… *Which accounts are making their audience engage ? *Which posts create conversation ? *Which accounts are utilising hashtags properly to make their posts appear in the trend feeds.. *Who’s posts are making people stay on the platform for longer *Who is creating great content ? When it finds the answer to those questions, it then serves up the account posts and content of those accounts to people’s newsfeeds (based on the general algorithm rule that it’ll show a person content based on what they like, comment on, save, engage with) But that filter up there will hone that content down to highlight the best content from an enormous range. To be continued…
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