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People often say to me, WHY would I want to have mixed content boards on my Pinterest account ?
Why would I want to pin something which belongs to another person’s account and how is that going to help my business… ?
One of Pinterest’s main aims is to add value to the Pinner experience by helping them find what THEY NEED and providing something which adds value, solves their problem, gives them ideas & inspiration whether that’s coming from your content output or another person’s.
So, sharing other people’s content won’t necessarily bring YOU traffic but it improves the overall experience of the Pinner, the person who is is searching for ideas and inspiring content, whomsoever it belongs to.
When the Pinner lands on a Pin that you’ve pinned from elsewhere into your own boardthis then has the potential to bring traffic to your board and your profile which in turn could lead very easily to traffic to your site.


Anything that boosts your own visibility on the platform is worth doing and so drawing attention to your own profile from where people can follow your boards and see your content when you next Pin is a good plan.
As a general rule, I advise my clients to create one main board or a ‘category board’ to house JUST their own content. You could create this main one and few others dotted around too with your brand specific content in them but then in addition add plenty of mixed boards showcasing a mixture of both your content and other relevant content pieces, by which I mean those that are relevant to the board and your business service or offering.
Some business find it hard to come up with a regular stream and volume of content ESPECIALLY when they start out on Pinterest so pinning other’s content allows you to have that consistent volume and consistency and we know that consistent pinning is great to raise your visibility on the platform and to help you appear higher up in search.
When you begin to Pin this ‘other’ relevant content to your boards this also signals to Pinterest what your boards are about and helps them to work out how to classify your content and workout how to show it to Pinners in the search.
When your account starts to pick up and your own content starts to gain momentum with clicks & saves you can afford to Pin less of others content and focus a little more on your own.
SO, all in all… gather together and work better

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