December trends on Pinterest


Over on Pinterest it’s all about the WELLNESS right now..
According to Pinterest’s trends stats which incidentally they publish very helpfully each month to enable Pinners like us to plan and define our content strategy, searches on wellness are way up right now on Pinterest.
People are experimenting with essential oils including searches for homemade reed diffusers which are up +117% and deep sleep diffuser blends up 33% !! If you sell either essential oils or diffusers or both, then this kind of content is going crazy right now, so start pinning it!
Continuing with the theme of wellness and health, interest in green tea varieties is heating up too with audiences looking for alternative and healthier tea options – top search terms are peach green tea up by a whopping 320%, mint lime green tea ( who even new that existed?) up by 67%, green tea lemonade up by 63%, with green turmeric tea up 100% – year on year!
And Pinners in the UK and France are looking for a healthier way to indulge with vegan comfort food up by a phenomenal 1178% which jus shows ho much of a thing Vegan has become in 2019!
One more on the subject of food (especially for me 🙂 – Searches for Pineapple coconut Tiramisu are up by a GIGANTIC 3688% … again, NOT one I knew even existed but one I will now be heading to Pinterest to search for! It looks amazing
Moving onto Fashion and this year it’s BELTS that are making a statement on this season’s fashion boards with the most popular searches ranging from the utilitarian shoe lace belt, to the avant-garde animal print belt outfit and from the street style chain belt to the more polished circle belt outfit .. check out MyStylishFriend by the way, she has all of the fashion advice and styling tips you’ll ever need !
In the world of interiors, its the STAIRS that are making the pages this month for interior designers, house renovators, planners and dreamers with searches for black spindles staircase and stair railing ideas wooden up by 150%.
But also for those interested in space saving interiors, people are looking to take advantage of space under stairs and staircase storage up by 67 and 63% this December, maybe their anticipating Santa will be kind to them and are making extra room!


For holistic, MLM, spiritual, fragrance businesses that sell essential oils…think about how essential oils can play a role in a person’s self-care routine, or how different oils could be incorporated into and used to customise and celebrate seasons. Some diffusers may be more intricate than others and fit in with different interior styles. Some oils may have more warming or cooling fragrances and properties so could be used in different interior set ups to evoke travel aspirations and settings or memories.
Beauty brands can take advantage of the essential oil trend too by showing Pinners how to use essential oils as a perfume as well as in a diffuser.
For Fashion stylists and retailers, educate and remind your clients and future customers that forgetting to add a belt to your styled outfits is a ‘waisted’ opportunity!
For Interiors brand and Interior designers, images of Stairs right now in this festive period provide all the right levels for amazing holiday season photos. Think about sharing some ideas on how to dress up this well trodden area of the home for decorating and parties, just for fun or for the renovators and designers amongst you — for a more major house project and dream.


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Now I am off to run a bath with some lavender oil to soothe away the stresses and strains of the working day 😉
Enjoy your festive preparations and drop me a line with what YOU have been searching for on Pinterest lately, I would LOVE to know!

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