Creating optimised Pinterest Boards


DID YOU KNOW THAT.….fewer than 5% of Pinterest users find content via boards?!
On Pinterest we tend to find the content we need by heading straight to the search bar and typing in our query or problem.
The incredibly intuitive ‘Smart Search’ feed then serves up a news feed to us full of relevant content based on our search terms.
We are then able to browse that content and choose which Pins resonate with us and which may be the inspiration we need or have the answer to our original problem.
We may take a few actions after that;
1) Browse the Pin and move on to something else / get distracted make a cup of tea
2) Save that Pin to one of our boards to refer back to later (think about how we like to plan ahead for occasion and events and on this one – weddings, outfit plans, business plans, content inspiration, wedding details, house renovations, holiday itinerary ideas…you get the gist! )
3) Click on that Pin and land on someone’s website to find out more we rarely follow the board or the account in order to consume their content the next time. In fact, the next time – we hop back to Pinterest and begin a fresh search based on our particular need or problem in that moment ..

SO, with that in mind, how our boards look isn’t necessarily going to bring us repeat viewers to our content or grow our followers …
BUT that said, we do most definitely still want to make sure they are properly optimised and are being as useful as they can be as a part of our overall Pinterest strategy! The name of your boards not only signals to your audience what your board is about and makes your content searchable but it is also one of the signifiers to Pinterest itself of what kind of content it might serve you in your own newsfeed! therefore – naming your boards is pretty important. When naming your boards, make sure every topic you write about or product you pin has the potential to be pinned to a few of your boards BUT don’t spam. Make sure that that content is only pinned to the most relevant boards, a maximum of 10 and always to the MOST relevant board first ⚠️ PInterest’s BIG news this week announced alongside my go to Pinterest SchedulerTailwind was focussed entirely on the fact that they will now favour FRESH content in the algorithm SO don’t Pin the same thing out over and over again. And don’t pin too many Pins in one day, 15-25 is the new advice ⚠️


OPTIMISING YOUR BOARDS Think like a Pinner when you create your boards and make sure you use your KEYWORDS …find out more about Keywords on last week’s blog here What would they be searching for? 1.    Name your boards strategically, make the titles specific / relevant to your audience 2.   Select the board category (this guides the algorithm) 3.  Take a look at the categories on your website of blog….Think about what topics are you often writing about or posting to serve your audience, what are your services or products, what’s your niche..what are your USP’s.. ? So remember – OPTIMISING YOUR BOARDS IS IMPORTANT.

The title, description, and the category of your boards helps Pinterest categorise your pins in search results for others & and it also helps determine what content is shown to you in your own feed via the smart algorithmic process of Keywording, the SEO of Pinterest 💥

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