7 ways to use Pinterest if you don’t have a blog

Do I need a Blog to use Pinterest? 7 Ways to use Pinterest without one!   I am often asked whether it’s necessary to have a blog on my website to get the most out of the Pinterest platform. Most often this comes from those who don’t already have a blog set up and frankly, […]


TELLING YOUR STORY ON PINTEREST    ‘Pinterest is about, connecting with yourself’ – ‘A positive place to be inspired’.   WHAT ARE STORY PINS? Story Pins are multi-page Pins that enable you to can add images, videos, captions, and so much more. Story pins are a tool to help your brand inspire your audience. They’re […]

Juggling homeschooling and running a business

WHAT A START TO THE NEW YEAR   This week has been, well, let’s say – interesting. And so, if like me you are now in the process of juggling homeschooling and trying to run and grow a business during a global pandemic and if you live in the UK particularly, you’ll understand what I […]

How to create Video Pins to drive web traffic


In 2020, video views on the Pinterest platform have already increased more than 3 x over the previous year and organic Video views are up by 240% !!It’s no surprise then that Pinterest recently announced a small change to its algorithm In favour of the Video. The recent Pinterest algorithm change includes a move towards […]