7 ways to use Pinterest if you don’t have a blog

Do I need a Blog to use Pinterest? 7 Ways to use Pinterest without one!   I am often asked whether it’s necessary to have a blog on my website to get the most out of the Pinterest platform. Most often this comes from those who don’t already have a blog set up and frankly, […]


TELLING YOUR STORY ON PINTEREST    ‘Pinterest is about, connecting with yourself’ – ‘A positive place to be inspired’.   WHAT ARE STORY PINS? Story Pins are multi-page Pins that enable you to can add images, videos, captions, and so much more. Story pins are a tool to help your brand inspire your audience. They’re […]

Juggling homeschooling and running a business

WHAT A START TO THE NEW YEAR   This week has been, well, let’s say – interesting. And so, if like me you are now in the process of juggling homeschooling and trying to run and grow a business during a global pandemic and if you live in the UK particularly, you’ll understand what I […]

How to Spring clean your Pinterest account

How to clean up your Pinterest account

DO YOU NEED TO CLEAN UP?   Pinterest accounts need a clean up just like the house does after the Christmas festivities. Fresh, focussed and ready to tackle the year ahead. Here are a few tips to help you Spring clean and freshen up your Pinterest account this year;-   Firstly, do you really need […]

Pinterest for your business & community

AS IT STANDS TODAY… the Pinterest platform is not a place of community or a place to build relationships or to have a chat. Pinterest is a search engine – a place to learn, discover and be inspired. THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PINNER ON PINTEREST (I’m talking about the end-user here btw and we’ll […]

Pinterest interface changes in 2020


You may have noticed that the Pinterest platform has been making a few changes to its look this last few months. Well, if you have logged on and wondering where and what everything is then don’t be concerned, you are not alone. It’s had probably had the most radically different makeover in its 10-year history […]

Pinterest changes this year


Oh hasn’t this year been an interesting one, well interesting is one word for it! As well as being a hugely successful year for Pinterest, it’s also been a huge year of change for the platform whilst the world has grappled with a new normal and come to terms with living in an entirely different […]

How to create Video Pins to drive web traffic


In 2020, video views on the Pinterest platform have already increased more than 3 x over the previous year and organic Video views are up by 240% !!It’s no surprise then that Pinterest recently announced a small change to its algorithm In favour of the Video. The recent Pinterest algorithm change includes a move towards […]

What to Pin next & back to school


After the strangest year many of us have ever seen, and are ever likely to see in our lifetime it’s back to school! As we reach the end stage of your August pinning here’s what to Pin next and also a REALLY useful link from Pinterest about ‘Back to School’ trends and top searches going […]

Using Pinterest for content curation


THE PERFECT PICTURE IS HARD TO FIND ? Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect image to express your message or share your news.As well as taking may of my own photos and creating endless graphics using Canva, I also regularly use Pinterest and other forms of Social Media to source and curate my own […]