Are you addicted to your digital device ..?

four ways to back yourself out of the need to check-in

If you think you’re too attached to your digital device — if your phone goes everywhere you go — and you want to rewire your brain, try the following:

  1. Move all your social icons from your first page into a folder so you have to make an effort to find them.
  2. Check your apps on a schedule, not on a whim. Let everyone know you’re doing it so they don’t get pissed off when you take too long to “like” one of their posts.
  3. Pay attention to which apps are open in the background because we tend to check them unconsciously. If you’re not scheduled to check an app, make sure that tab is closed or the app is in its folder.
  4. Turn off all your alerts. You don’t need to know every time some­one posts something to your feed. It can wait.

It may seem silly to follow these steps because it may feel like your social media is controlling you and not the other way around. However, Rosen says they’re often necessary because social comparison is a very real thing that’s hurting a lot of people.

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