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Story Pins are multi-page Pins that enable you to can add images, videos, captions, and so much more.

They’re a clean, fresh and simple way to create a different form of content for our audience, content which generates a little more immediate action and gives your audience a super useful and quick resolution to their problem or search, they’re also for fun and engagement.


Pinterest is trying to use story pins as a way to shine a light on ‘creators’ (that’s us business owners or Marketers by the way) and using Story Pins to increase engagement, to then increase traffic AND some creators doubled their traffic thanks to the increased engagement from story pins.

Story Pins have only been around a short while but from what we know of them so far they’re proving to be a BIG hit!

AND NOW they’re available to apply for in the UK allowing you to reach new people who are interested in what you’re creating because unlike Instagram Pinterest is always sharing your content with more than just your followers.

What Pinterest USERS are saying about using NEW Story Pins… “My Story Pins see instantaneous reach. They’re getting a lot of love—my audience is up 166%. And speaking of love, I love how beautiful they look.” “Since starting to share Story Pins, my total audience has increased 66% and my engagements 72%. Super exciting.”




The very nature of the format of Story Pins suggests some big moves for Pinterest.

Traffic has for many years been its main goal as a platform of search and discovery and whilst this continues theres also a distinct shift in strategy here.

1) Whereas the older beta version sent traffic via each frame of a story pin to a URL, just as a standard Pins allows you to driving traffic, these NEW STORY PINS ARE ENCOURAGING and altogether different kind of behaviour and action.
In fact – each frame of the Pin won’t direct you to a URL but instead encourage your to leave a ‘reaction’ just as you’d see on more traditional social media platforms and will enable you to show a more personal side to your business.



2) Each Story Pin will highlight a ‘clickable’ profile page avatar top right, encouraging you to tap and land on a Creators Account page, a drive towards encouraging you to ‘follow’ that account and to look forward to seeing more. So quite unlike the recent historical nature of Pinterest which has never put much importance on followers, we could see this about to change…
The Pinterest platform looks set to become a kind of hybrid place on the internet, a mix between driving traffic and engagement and ‘being more social’
Thoughts behind this lead to needing to satisfy the quick gratification needs of generations Y AND Z ! Watch this space for more developments and thoughts on this subject.


1) REQUEST ACCESS TO THE NEW STORY PINS HERE When you’re in, you’re in!

2) TRY THEM OUT – head here to get some awesome creative inspiration for Story PIns – note how simplistic they are but SO effective!

If you don’t have time to write a blog post about something so small and potentially trivial that doesn’t warrant 300 words BUT on a subject that is relevant to share about OR from within your business then create a story pin instead!


3) For more Pinterest knowledge and to keep up to date download The Power of Pinterest Ebook HERE – FOR FREE!
That’s all folks, have a great week and let me know how you get on with your story pins!
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