A simple Pinterest & Tailwind strategy


Are you limited on the time you can spend on your Pinterest marketing? We all have busy lives right?
We have kids and work and grocery shopping and at the same time we have to keep up with our social media output to market our businesses and there’s just not enough time for it all, well there doesn’t seem to be for me anyway!
Something has to give.
Some things need priority and some things need smart thinking.
Here’s a fail-safe way to manage your Pinterest marketing in only a few minutes a day or a couple of hours a week.
Sound good to you?
Great, then read on my friend;


(Why not Pin it for later)
First stop – I use a scheduler of course because I learnt really early on in my Pinterest love affair that I couldn’t do this properly without a really great scheduler. So, I use Tailwind to schedule all of my pins with a little manual pinning on the side and mainly at the start of the process.
Tailwind enables me to keep a track of my Pins and make sure that I don’t pin the same thing to the same board too soon or too often. It’s such an intuitive platform and really one I couldn’t live without.
It also allows me to choose the correct time of day to post and suggests times to me based on the optimal pinning times for the most success, any free advice and help is appreciated so I lap that up from them.
This all enables me to manage my Pinterest activity in only a few minutes a day. Of course, if I have a free space in my calendar and can do some manual pinning or create some fresh content then that adds up to extra hours in a week, anything helps. But on the whole, I allow myself up to around 20 minutes per day to get this pinning job licked.
As I am a service provider and have limited imagery on my website I rely mostly on the content from my blog for my Pins. Creating fresh content on here and keeping it optimised is one of my key weekly tasks.
When I am working with clients, they might have a shop or a service and or a blog but I work the same way for them as for me regardless of our ‘product’.
Firstly, I manually pin my fresh pins / content to my ‘main’ board. This can also be called a Catalogue board but basically its a board that contains only MY content, no one else’s.
I then use Tailwind to schedule out these pins using their – life changing interval pinning tool! As I mentioned before this enables me to space out my pins and make sure they aren’t going to the same board too often or appearing to be in any way ‘Spammy’.
Pinterest doesn’t like Spam AT ALL – instead it loves FRESH content and here’s the great thing, anything pinned out via Tailwind is classed as Fresh content insert <Happy dance>
Let’s say my blog post contains two images. (often many more)
I pin my content via image A to my main board and then Image B to my main board. I then schedule out my content as follows;
I schedule Image A to all other relevant boards to go out on days 2,4,6 and 8.
Then I schedule Image B to go out to all relevant boards on the alternate days 3,6,9,12 and so on..
That way they aren’t appearing to be spammy and are well spaced out amongst my boards.
I can pin as many images as I like every day but an optimal number to look at might be around 30. I don’t do that many yet as I am quite limited on content but some-times I do.
I can find those extra 20-25 pins or so on Pinterest itself and schedule them out via Tailwind as well. I always want to make sure I am pinning content that’s relevant to my business and that resonates with my audience within the niche of Pinterest Marketing and Social Media.
I don’t follow many accounts but make sure that those I do follow are relevant to my business. I also follow my client’s accounts and anyone I might like to work with.
SO, to find that relevant ‘shareable’ content to pin I click on my ‘following’ tab in the top menu bar.
This shows me all of the content being shared by the people that I follow so immediately enables me to cut to the chase and find the best most relevant content stream.
There is A LOT of content in here and it doesn’t all load so be patient and scroll down a while so that you get a good amount to load up.
From there you can then click and select each Pin to share to your Tailwind drafts. Making sure you select relevant content that will resonate and appeal to your own target market saves you time and gives your audience what they want.
Hey presto, you’ve curated and scheduled a huge amount of content in Tailwind ensuring you have volume and consistency to make your account super successful.
Want Pinterest to bring you more traffic and more Sales but don’t have time to implement your own strategies or to to get it started and working for you ? Then we need to chat.
To find out what I do next and how you can use Pinterest to increase your Web Traffic, create sales and generate an evergreen Marketing strategy for your business success then contact me at pineapplewhitemedia@gmail.com
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