7 ways to use Pinterest if you don’t have a blog

Do I need a Blog to use Pinterest? 7 Ways to use Pinterest without one!


I am often asked whether it’s necessary to have a blog on my website to get the most out of the Pinterest platform. Most often this comes from those who don’t already have a blog set up and frankly, can’t face creating one, adding even more jobs to their weekly marketing list.


Along with all of the reasons that you might want to consider using a Blog for your Pinterest marketing I am also sharing  7 great ways to use Pinterest if you don’t have a blog!


But before I do … I won’t lie, I need to tell you first why having a blog is a REALLY good idea to have when using Pinterest and something I encourage my clients to begin or continue to do if it’s at all possible.


Why having a blog is a smart move for businesses? 


For one, publishing a blog post either once a week, or once a month, whatever the frequency creates an ongoing source of fresh content for you to use on Pinterest, and Pinterest LOVES new and fresh content more than ever before. In fact this year it has openly suggested that Pinterest Creators and Marketers should be publishing fresh content at least once per week.


Publishing a new blog post each week helps you to do this and also has many other benefits. A new blog post improves your SEO, Google performance, and also allows you to fan out your content across all social media platforms making the very most of your hard work!  


Imagine that one relatively short blog post can be turned into;


  • Pinterest Pins
  • An Instagram Grid post
  • An Instagram Reel and a Pinterest Idea Pin
  • Multiple Instagram Stories throughout your week
  • A post on Facebook, on either your Page or in your group, or both!
  • A post on Linked In
  • Even providing the basis for a weekly newsletter


The possibilities are endless!


Pin it for later! – 7 places to Pin without having a Blog.


Why Blogs are great for both Product Sellers and Service Providers


For a Product seller having a blog on your website is also a very good idea and using a blog to link to some of your Pins is a sensible decision. 

Used alongside your product pins (which already link back to your product catalogs on your website) your blog posts can work alongside to provide a much softer sell, and quite often a more comfortable customer journey for your ideal client. 

Create blog content that features your products within it. Showcase WHY those products are great, what are their USPs, what do they compare to, how do they work, what do they look like. Use the blog to hyperlink all across your website leading your client to multiple pages, like other blog content or products, and keep them on your site for as long as possible. 

The longer they are there – the more likely they are to make a purchase, add to their basket, OR signup for your discount code meaning that you not only make immediate sales and line up future sales but you also capture their email to nurture them into and with your email marketing! 

The Pinner may not become a customer straight away but once they’re on their email list you can regularly connect with them in their inboxes and make that sale somewhere further down the line! 


For Service Providers, more often than not you don’t have products to sell (unless they’re digital ones) and so a blog IS quite often your only source of content! 

Creating regular content, adding value with your expertise and industry advice also allows you to engage your customer and gain their trust. If they know you, they like you and then they trust you. When they trust you – THEY BUY FROM YOU! 

A Blog that ditches the hard sell encourages the soft sell and is a smart choice for anyone with either a product or service-based business, couple this with using Pinterest to drive your traffic towards it and that’s where the magic begins. 


If I don’t have a blog where can I link to instead?


  • Link PIns back to your Instagram content – and grow your followers.

Make sure you don’t just share your Instagram posts, they won’t be optimized in either their design, their size, or in the way they’re written. ( remember Pinterest is all about Keywords) 

  • Link Pins to your YouTube content – grow your subscribers.

Give a snapshot of the video you’re linking to within the Pin design itself. 

  • Link Your Pins to Podcast pages to grow your subscribers 


It’s best to lead people from your Pins towards a web page that contains both your podcast transcript repurposed into a blog post and also contain a button for your Podcast sign-up opt-in. This enables you to capture data, grow your email list and means you don’t waste the potential for web traffic. 


On the web page itself, offer 3 takeaways at the top of the blog/transcript which helps those who want a fast overview of the podcast without them having to read the entire transcript. 


On the Podcast itself, giving Pinners a snapshot of what the podcast is all about to lead them to your web page for more! 


  • Link Pins to Landing Pages – This is an easy one and great for service providers with digital products, and online courses to sell!


  • Post Pins to your freebies/lead magnets – housed on your website – our freebies themselves are designed for data capture purposes and to grow your email list to sell your products via


  • Post Pins to your Etsy Store – send Pins directly back to your Etsy marketplace – make sales directly via Etsy.


But, I would still advise you to try where possible to send people to your website where your products are housed even if they have to end up making a purchase by landing finally on the Etsy page.  This gives you ore chance for web traffic, conversion AND data capture for your email list!  


  • Link Pins to Free or Paid Events / Webinars / Workshops  – often housed on landing pages that offer a certain level of value but will then lead your customers into a Sales funnel to receive marketing towards higher ticket offers that you need to sell.


To blog or not to blog?

Blog or no blog, Pinterest offers you endless opportunities to help people discover your products or services, driving traffic to your website, growing your email list, and making you sales! I hope these 7 ways of using Pinterest without a blog have been helpful, for more Pinterest tips, keep up to date by signing up to the Pineapple White Media Newsletter HERE 



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