5 tips to optimise your Pinterest profile


Like all Social Media profiles, YOUR PINTEREST PROFILE represents YOU and YOUR brand.
Set it up the right way from the off set and get yourself off to a good start in your Pinterest marketing adventure.

Here are my top 5 tips to optimising your Pinterest profile, the right way

  1. ➡ PROFILE IMAGE – Your profile image should match your other Social profile images if possible – use a profile photo, rather than a logo if you’re a ‘one man band’ / service provider. A logo works better for a bigger brand, studies prove.
  2.  ➡ NAME – Choose a relevant name which makes you discoverable – think about keywords here (use your Biz name and then WHAT you do OR WHAT you offer ..)
    You only have 60 characters here so don’t waste space!
  3. ➡ ABOUT YOU / BIO
    This describes you, your website or your shop / business in a bit more more detail.⠀(Give more detail than you did in your name…ie.. – WHAT you do- HOW you do it – WHO you help. So, for example for me that currently looks like this… “Pinterest Coach & Manager, helping online businesses grow via Pinterest Marketing
  4. ➡ Your Pinterest bio should also incorporate keywords which are absolutely essential on Pinterest for SEO and search! Keywords are essentially the SEO of Pinterest, think of them a little like you think of hashtags on instagram. They are words which help your content to be found, they make your content discoverable and that’s one of our key goals on the Pinterest platform – DISCOVERY. The bio section allows you 160 characters, so don’t waste space here.
  5. ➡ Its always a good idea to include a CTA in Your Profile – make your audience want to action something, find you somewhere and fid out more… For eg – I use ‘Follow me on Insta @pineapplewhitemedia (though, please note that on PInterest it’s not a clickable link but it may be enough to stick in someone’s memory)

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