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For businesses Pinterest is arguably the most powerful tool at your disposal and actually drives almost half of all online sales! For more industries than ever before, Pinterest should form an essential part of your marketing strategy. It's not all about planning for Weddings, DIY or Recipes - it's about so much more.


Create an alternative route to sales, huge amounts of web traffic and allow yourself space and

time to run your business, rather than your business running you!  




Designed to suit your needs and tailored to you and YOUR business, the Pinterest Power Hour can either get you started from scratch OR provide a space to troubleshoot your existing activity and knowledge and take your Pinterest Marketing to the next level. 


Understand how the Pinterest platform works, why it’s a great option for your online business and implement best practice to get your started the right way or use this time to fine tune your current output. 


Choose from talking about best practise or strategy or both, to include; 


  • Getting Set up, the right way building an optimised Pinterest profile 

  • Find essential Keywords for your business and content 

  • Set up fully optimised Boards 

  • Create Pin Images to drive traffic and stop the scroll! 

  • Develop a ‘starter strategy’ for Pinterest success



Book 3 x 1-1 sessions to be taken at your speed or over the course of 1 month.


During the 3 sessions, understand, action and review all of the elements included in the Power Hour but with added focus on strategy, reviewing success and honing activity.   


Also includes all of the best practice elements included in the Power hour;


  • Getting set up properly on Pinterest

  • Creating traffic driving Pin images

  • Optimisation of Profile, Settings and Boards

  • Understanding and finding Keywords for your business,

  • Developing a strategy for success. 


Email support Mon - Fri, 9-5pm.



A 3 month mentoring package designed to offer you premium levels of support to maximise your Pinterest success and drive traffic to your website for sales and email list growth. 


Receive 6 x 50 minutes coaching calls, take one each fortnight. 


All of the elements of the ‘Power Hour’ plus additional email support Mon - Fri, 9-5pm. 


Understand, implement, test, review and hone your activity 


Learn how to:


  • Prepare your website for best Pinterest usage, all of the Best practise teaching to include; setting up your account, finding keywords for your content, crafting great Pin descriptions, creating clickable traffic driving Pin images, setting up & optimisation boards.

  • Develop a strategy for consistent and effective Pinning

  • Learn how to use Tailwind, and its Tribes and Smart Loop functions 

  • Brainstorm content ideas, what to Pin including blogs and product listings

  • Jump into Canva with me and see how I create click worthy Pins in 5 minutes flat

  • Keep updated with all platform changes and tech developments  

  • Measure success, fine tune, rinse and repeat!

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